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I have a passion for people. People who put themselves into collaborations and relationships with others. What drives us? Why, in the presence of a desire for something better, do we remain stuck in old patterns? Why is it that collaborative efforts succeed sometimes and prove a dismal failure other times? How can leaders of organisations cope with todays' challenges and serve the greater good? What is required to unleash everyone’s potential, get the best of one another, and consequently deliver the very best performances? These questions that fascinate me and occupy me as a change expert, facilitator, coach and programme developer. 

I guide my customers and clients through change processes and leadership development. This involves applying my background in business economics and psychology in combination with my years of experience in business, healthcare and management consultancy. I have experience in an international context and facilitated leadership programs in Europe, Asia and the US. I am capable of bridging the gap between profound change on the one hand and the reality of (business) life on the other. Systemic Work and Theory U are a source of inspiration amongst other.

An invitation, Sandra van der Maarel

Mijn boek 'Generatie V. Werken aan je veerkracht' is uit en te bestellen via Managementboek.

Sixteen employees headed back to their office ready to make a difference
(Craig S. McTaggert, Senior Project Manager AKZONobel, USA)
Sandra is highly skilled at creating a safe environment in which individuals and teams can open themselves to learning. She is an expert at accessing the more deep-seated layers in order to effect real changes in and between people and organisations accordingly. Supremely professional and at the top level, with abundant warmth.
Jos Plompen, director of Great Place to Work Nederland