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What is 'in love,' Mum?

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Monday 10 - 11- 2011 | We are lying next to each other on the bed, my beloved 11-year old son and I. It’s such a wonderful moment to have a little chat, there in the dark, just before going to sleep. “Shall we go through the emotions, Mum?” We proceed to review the primary emotions one by one: angry, scared, sad and happy. His child’s hands sculpt my face into all different contortions. What about the other emotions, like jealousy? And then, finally: “What is ‘in love,’ Mum? Is that an emotion, too?”

Right: are you supposed to mock those feelings and act tough, or let a girl know in all honesty that you are impressed? That is the big question. What is the attitude to present to the group as an 11-year old surrounded by your peers? Do you dare express what you are feeling inside, and if you do, will you still be allowed to be a “member” in your group of friends? Will you still belong? What a struggle.

The same goes for us adults, too. Do you dare to show who you are in the eyes of someone else?