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Guidance to individual character and strength

'It is commom to stick with the old reality until some kind of change comes along and jars our whole inner world out of its old alignment' - William Bridges, The way of transition

Individual programmes

You might find yourself mired in a problem, situation or relationship. The usual conduct no longer works; tried and trusted strategies do not seem to resolve anything. Or perhaps you need more meaning in your life. Personal coaching can be a fantastic tool for gaining insight into patterns and creating new behavioural alternatives.

In order to figure out who you are at your very core and how to live in alignment with this essence, you must do more than ascertain your desires, purpose or calling. You must also understand where you come from and the sources that you tap into. I guide you along this journey with wisdom, depth and lightness . The programme always starts with an intake interview during which the contract is drawn up. We establish the question at hand, the anticipated result, and the effort required.   

An individual programme generally comprises 5 to 10 sessions of 1.5 hours maximum, depending on the question. Specific tools will be provided for you to start working with. The individual programme can be augmented by participation in a group workshop (see special meetings). 

Special group events 

I organise group supervision meetings or programmes several times a year. During these events, you work with others on a specific topic. Possibilities include a workshop on family constellations, for example. You will find the dates listed in the agenda and newsletter on the homepage.

During my individual quest, you were a coach with a very agreeable and open personality. And a stimulating conversational partner, too; I entered into discussions filled with curiosity and left with the inspiration to go forward.
Lenneke van Schie, dance instructor at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
The first word that comes to mind when I think of Sandra is trust.
(Yolanda Buchel, publicist/author, psychologist, and managing owner of Bont&Fier)
Until people can start to see their habitual ways of interpreting a situation, they can't really step into a new awareness.
(P. Senge, Presence)