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From fear to courage and creativity

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Monday 16 - 01 - 2012| 2012. Just begun. How will it turn out? It feels like we are collectively holding our breath somewhat. I see large corporations falling back on structure and control-based measures even more. Everyone is wrapped up in it. Changes must be made, but in the meantime we are fearfully searching for solutions in old directions. We are making it needlessly complicated just to hang on to what is there. Action numbs the fear. At least temporarily, that is. There is the illusion of control, however fleeting. The question is how we can transform fear into courage and creativity.

Rollo May beautifully articulates this in simple terms in his interview. With the term “courage,” the existential psychologist is referring to the way in which people recognise their personal anxieties and manage to transcend them by interacting with the outside world. By treating anxiety as life knocking on the door, and as a source of creativity. A different perspective. Now the energy can flow again. A creative 2012.