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Joseph Jaworski in Amsterdam

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2 - 1 - 2012 | Next Wednesday, October 10th 2012, Joseph Jaworski, author of both Synchronicity and Source, and co-author of Theory U and Presence, will visit Amsterdam for a workshop. As participants we were asked to give our personal input on both books. This is what I wrote.

I look for the way
things will turn out
spiraling from a center,
the shape
things will take to come forth in  

A.R. Ammons, Poetics in The selected poems

With Synchronicity as well as Source Jaworski brings spirituality into the business context in a way that is easy to embrace. I am grateful that Jaworksi has had the courage to write both books. I find it incredibly important that by the content of his books a dialogue is started to really understand the process of change. It fills me with faith and hope that another way of working and another way of being is possible and in the long term unavoidable. 

On a personal level his books inspire me to follow my own leadership journey. Both Synchronicity and Source help me to give wordings to a personal transformation process that can hardly be described. Knowing where I am in the process of the U, daring to remain at the bottom of the U as long as necessary without forcing any action, is helping me to build my own path in life while walking. I read all four books twice. When I read Synchronicity in 1998 I knew there was something in it that was important to me. When I re-read it in 2011, after having gone through a crisis and profound change in my personal live, I had a deeper and innate understanding of change. It was only then that I really knew this process from inside.

Although Theory U is of great value exactly because of its simplicity, this enormous power of the model is at the same time its greatest risk. Source shows that only a deep inner understanding of the process in the bottom of the U will really change the way we live and execute leadership. The risk with Source is that doing a so-called 'vision quest' now seems to give the answer. I believe that personal leadership or the leadership that comes from within is a life long journey that needs connection to the Source, something bigger than you and me, the mystical, as well as a profound process of grieving and mourning to deal with our own personality. The path to inner leadership is an ascending and descending process. Especially the last one seems to be the 'road less travelled'. It is only by doing both that we can connect with the Source from within. And, by the way,.... it helps to do this with kindness and humor towards ourselves! 

Sandra van der Maarel