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Ritual transitions

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Tuesday 27 - 12 - 2011| In order to gain momentum first you must have the courage to stand completely still. Motionless. December is a wonderful month to do so. Everything appears to be dormant. The old year is over and the new has yet to manifest itself visibly. On the threshold of old and new. Christmas as a transition ritual, as a period of silence, as a celebration of new birth.

For me, this is a period of significant personal change. No new issues, but a convergence of multiple actions taken earlier. Moving forward on my own two feet. Plunging into the deep end. It is a time of letting go and of grieving. To honour the transition, I deliberately created a ritual 10-day stay at an Ayurvedic centre in southern India. No new open questions or "questions about questions" as my son puts it, but silence and distance to allow this new phase to commence. 

In Theory U by Otto Scharmer this is the phase of presencing, at the very base of the U. It is the phase of "letting go" and "letting come." Letting go of the old, without having the answers to the new. Being okay with "not knowing" as opposed to wanting to have control over the answers. It is the phase of total surrender to the process in order to wait for what will appear whilst being completely present. On the threshold of the new.