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Learning at the place where organisation, team and individual intersect.

I see learning as a way of life. As a continuous process of experimentation and reflection with the aim of increasing self-awareness. Always willing to take the next step in the direction in which I want to develop, starting from what is already present. Setting off and experimenting along the way. Leadership programmes begin with the leader as an individual and are directly related to the larger movement of the organisation and of society. The programmes start at the top of the organisation and should be integrated into daily practice. This creates a stimulating learning environment within the organisation, in which change and growth are constant factors.

Core Skills is a multi-day programme on (personal) leadership and team development. The programme is developed for companies or departments in the corporate services sector who want to further professionalise their staff in order to raise their results with their customers to a new level. Besides improving the organisations’ positive impact on customers, the programme also strengthens the relationship between the members of the organisation itself. I have been providing this programme for over 12 years now, together with three colleagues. We have a lot of experience with teaching this programme in an international context.

Executive Leadership Program focuses on the leader as a person. The programme is made up of three blocks of five days in total, interspersed with supervision and coaching, and is aimed at motivated professionals and executives who want to make the most of their potential within their organisation. 

For AkzoNobel, this programme is one of the most important building blocks that will support the cultural shift to the new style of working: working smarter, increasing effectiveness by having a better understanding of yourself, the team and environment. Sandra helped us figure out the specifics in a wonderful way. It's brilliant that we were able to take advantage of this.
Pieter Schoehuijs, CIO AkzoNobel
Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes, but no plans.
Peter Drucker
Your feedback has been very good and will definitely help me to deliver an unpacked gift in the future.
Mario Guimond, Business Analyst, AkzoNobel Canada