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Pureorganisation: serving the greater good

This day and age demands changes that are lasting, sustainable and responsible. Everything is in constant flux. We are becoming increasingly international and working more and more virtually. Today’s success is obsolete tomorrow. All too often we continue to try to orchestrate and control the change process and judge each other by results. This is the illusion of manipulability, which is more likely to breed suspicion than trust. It is no longer about moving from A to B methodically. It is about moving from A to daring to go somewhere, while simultaneously having focus and paying attention to that which wants to unfold. Serving the greater good instead of making gains for a small minority: that is the challenge.

In order to be able to respond, organisations need to be firmly grounded in terms of where they are coming from and clear about what they stand for. It requires learning how to see differently. Having the courage to look below the surface, to engage in the real conversation, and to show one’s true colours. To work together based on a common passion, in pursuit of an inviting perspective drawing from the strength and pride of people. Alert organisations, with alert people who collectively play a role in creating a better world.

Offer. I guide organisations in this growth process as a change expert and process manager using workshops, coaching and the development and implementation of leadership programmes.

It begins with a change in our beliefs. We give up believing that we design the world into existence and instead take up roles in support of its flourishing. We foster tinkering and discovery. We stay clear about what we want to accomplish. We remember that people self-organize and trust them to do so.
(M. Weatley in a Simpler way)
Change is an evolution. It is a process. The process is the target. Focus on efforts if you're worried about the results.
Jagdish Parikh