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Organisational constellations: seeing and experiencing the subconscious field of influence

In an organisational constellation the issue is acted out instead of discussed. This can be done in several ways. When the entire team is present, the various members can take their places. If this is not possible, representatives can be used to portray certain elements in the system. These individuals might represent specific employees, departments or groups of stakeholders, but they can also stand for abstract concepts, such as the organisational or personal objective or mission or the organisation’s passion. Constellations can be created without physical representatives, too.

An organisational constellation is supremely suited to looking below the surface and revealing the subconscious field of influence in organisations, teams or departments. A constellation sheds insight into the internal dynamic, roles, relationships and collective task that are rarely uncovered through discussion alone. The deeper root of a problem or issue manifests in the constellation. This is likewise the same layer where the solution often arises naturally.

A constellation can be used for a wide range of organisational themes: leadership, cooperation, development direction, progress, merger, dissatisfied customers, poor results, lack of influence, dearth of creativity, conflicts, and so forth. A constellation can be done as a separate session. I also use constellations as part of a workshop, supervising and coaching or as a brief intervention during a programme.