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Working together with soul and professionalism

'I believe it is simply good business to include in our definition of the bottom line a consideration of all the effects we have on one another and on the planet.'  
Thich Nhat Hanh, The art of Power

Organisations are living systems in which people converge and interact to serve a collective purpose. Living systems are perpetually in motion. They develop, discover and create new forms constantly. These are not machines that must be controlled and stabilised. Change is the natural state of being. Growth alternates with parting. The question is how leaders of organisations and employees can cope with this natural progression in order to connect soul and professionalism accordingly.

My object when coaching in the realm of organisation, team and individual is to release the full potential of people. I do so using process guidance, workshops, coaching and supervision, mediation, designing and implementing leadership programmes and organisational constellations.

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You can't direct people into excellence; you can only engage them enough so that they want to do excellent work.
(Margaret Wheatley)
As a mediator I was struck by how competently you acted as a mirror for both sides. Neutral, but attentive, precise and respectful. It made the acceptance process easier for me.
Lenneke van Schie, dance instructor at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten