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Partners and colleagues

'The first word that comes to mind when I think of Sandra is trust. 

  • She knows how to create a sense of trust with her clients very quickly. 
  • I implicitly trust her with my clients. 
  • Clients entrust her with their deepest secrets.

Operating from a basis of trust, she allows the process in her trainings and coaching to unfold, using a keen eye, ear and intuition to intervene at the appropriate moments.'
(Yolanda Buchel, publicist/author, psychologist, and managing owner of Bont&Fier)

'Working with Sandra is focusing on people, on development, on results and on process, which consequently makes working with Sandra a joy for me as well as educational and challenging every time. Sandra is honest, open, inquisitive and consistently dedicated to quality and connection. Consequently, she knows how to achieve the maximum result with her team and her clients as coach or supervisor.'
(Hans Veenman, former KPMG consulting partner, owner of Rogare consulting)

'Sandra is highly skilled at creating a safe environment in which individuals and teams can open themselves to learning. She is an expert at accessing the more deep-seated layers in order to effect real changes in and between people and organisations accordingly. Supremely professional and at the top level, with abundant warmth.'
(Jos Plompen, director of Great Place to Work Nederland)

'Impassioned, step by step living in the moment'
(Gérard Philip Lentz, organisational consultant, familieopvolging.nl partner) 

'Sandra is a passionate woman, attentive, devoted, generous and with a heart of gold. She expertly dissects issues with a refreshing curiosity. She is respectful of others and is loyal to her personal basic principles. Sandra offers pure quality, pure attention and can use wit and humour to put heavy subject matter into perspective. She sees many angles and polishes diamonds to perfection. Has the ability to let others shine.'
(Irene Muller Schoof, director of Nationaal Zorg College (NZCO), trainer, author, Compassion4care) 

From customers and clients

'For AkzoNobel, this programme is one of the most important building blocks that will  support the cultural shift to the new style of working: working smarter, increasing effectiveness by having a better understanding of yourself, the team and environment. Sandra helped us figure out the specifics in a wonderful way. It's brilliant that we were able to take advantage of this.'
(Pieter Schoehuijs, CIO AkzoNobel) 

'During my individual quest, you were a coach with a very agreeable and open personality. And a stimulating conversational partner, too; I entered into discussions filled with curiosity and left with the inspiration to go forward. I feel that you are extremely credible in the way in which you conduct a conversation. It's an approach characterised by intelligent feedback not only in words but also visualisation and role-play. Your many examples – from your own life as well as existing texts or illustrations – added a human dimension to the sessions. As a mediator I was struck by how competently you acted as a mirror for both sides. Neutral, but attentive, precise and respectful. It made the acceptance process easier for me.'
(Lenneke van Schie, dance instructor at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten)

'I found the various sessions with Sandra to be quite pleasant and candid. Sandra knows how to get to the heart of the matter quickly without compromising a sense of security. The sessions were extremely enlightening for my personal process and each time I came away with the feeling that I was moving forward at my own pace and according to my own ability. Her background in constellations proved tremendously helpful to my development process. I am grateful for this encounter.'
(Dirk Dumon, dance instructor, coach and choreographer at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten)

From participants in the AKZO Nobel Shanghai Programme, January 2011

Very open, smart, thanks for your help in the past days (Kimbo Liu, China)

Sandra, I am happy and honesty I do not have any good suggestions on your role as a facilitator as you are really doing fantastic! I have learnt a lot from you and grateful about your passion in our team. Thank you! (Shiau Peng, Singapore)

Dear Sandra, thank you so much for sharing the knowledge and your learning experience with me. I’ve benefited a lot from this Core Skills training and will definitely share it with my team and my manager. Keep up the good work and do keep in touch! Thank you. (Kok Swee Kien, Malaysia)

Dear Sandra, first of all, thanks for being part of the team and it’s really great to have you as a coach in this Core Skills training. I’ve found that all your involvements have inspired me and I’ve always looked forward in learning more from you the next day. Thanks again for all your pointers during the course and also the support shown. Keep on walking, you’re great!!! Ps. I’ll remember not to push but indirect coaching. (Raymond Heng, Singapore)

From participants in the AKZO Nobel Programme in Bergen, February 2011

'It was perfect!' (Jan Hoffman, SAP Application Manager)

'Thank you so much for the open approach.' (Herman Grotegoed, SAP Application Manager)

Thank you so much for really convincing me that I can make a difference. You were an excellent coach! (Claudio Borsari, IT consultant, Brasil)

From participants in the AKZO Nobel USA Programme, April 2011 

It was a very good week. You changed my view. (Adriana Vigorio, IT manager, Brasil)

Thank you for your perspective. The journey was very much worth the confusion, making the reward that much more valuable. (Jeff Dunn, Industry Specific Applications Global Manager, USA) 

Thank you so much for making the journey this week so positive and comfortable. Your warmth made me feel welcomed and encouraged. Keep up the wonderful work. (Paul Mirams, Manager Architecture and Technology, USA)

You really helped me to define my objectives and to work on the most important ones. Your feedback has been very good and will definitely help me to deliver an unpacked gift in the future. (Mario Guimond, Business Analyst, Canada) 

Thank you so much for not only the course, but the personal guidance you provided. This was a wonderful opportunity to improve myself personally as well as professionally. This really meant a lot to me. ( Tom Heidt, Senior Analyst Programmer, USA)