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Guiding principles

'The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance' - Alan Watts

Everything is always changing
I regard change as a natural and continuous process of growth. An ongoing cycle of experimentation and reflection followed by action. To do so with lightness and joy. Now there is no more failure, only learning and living. This applies to large organizations, teams and individuals alike.

Light in darkness
I believe in the power of casting light on dark areas that are typically ignored. Seeing anew and putting a name onto that which has been unnamed has an enlightening effect. Taking time first to simply observe. Even if it is painful, difficult or arouses resistance. To connect and operate from those sources. The courage to rise to the challenge lovingly.

From control to trust and surrender
Profound change requires a shift in perspective from a controlled and mechanical method of change to deep trust and inner understanding. Much more from the surrender to the process and appealing to one’s own creative sources. The art is to have both inner focus and learn to be open to a future in the process of unfolding. This way, fear-based control yields to an investigative, curious attitude to what now arises. Simpler and more effortless.
I look for the way things will turn out spiraling from a center
A.R. Ammons, the selected poems