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Sandra van der Maarel

My work experience  encompasses not only the business sector but also the individual sphere. I have more than 20 years' worth of experience with supervising individuals, teams and organisations as they tackle development issues in my capacity as consultant, coach, trainer and programme developer.  I work with colleagues from my KPMG network, the Phoenix network and my two colleagues at the 'Drie Hoefijzers'. Thanks to these networks, I am able to take on larger assignments with a team of consultants and coaches.

My way of seeing and thinking is largely formed by ongoing learning, personal development and of course my experiences with customers and clients. My background is in business economics, psychology and therapy. I gained much of my expertise in fundamental changes through my studies and experiences at Phoenix Opleidingen in Utrecht (TA, NLP, Systemic Work). I began taking classes there in 1999 and these, in addition to the individual guidance from Wibe Veenbaas, have shaped me as a person. It is here I learned to shine my light on my shortcomings and qualities, connect with my family history and use this as a foundation on which to live and work. This is a significant source of inspiration in my work. 

I learn from my personal growth process. When do I take action and when do I refrain? Where do I fall back into old patterns, and what does this cost? What does it yield? When do I want to control it, and where do I have the courage to trust in what unfolds whilst being completely present? For me, change is not a linear process; it is one that involves falling down and getting back up; it involves action and reflection, clear focus and continuous adjustment. I find it helps me to take regular timeouts.  To slow down and really integrate new life lessons and insights. I am my own school and class materials. This adds the depth of my innate understanding to the knowledge about change.

As my parents' oldest daughter,  I was raised with a good share of the pragmatism native to Rotterdam together with a family history marked by the war. It was essential to my personal growth process to gain insight into my background. Numerous people showed me the way, seemingly by coincidence. Each year, I visit my grandparents' village to attend the commemoration service on 4 May. For me, remembering is the way to inner liberation and assuming my personal leadership.